Eclipse march 9 astrology

Pisces Solar Eclipse
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For most of September, the Sun is in the sign of Virgo.

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Under this influence, such qualities as attention to detail, ability to analyze and criticize are strengthened. On the other hand, you may see worse the big picture. Your concern that everything is under control may be excessive. In addition, not everyone is able to adequately perceive your criticism. In the realm of love life, September promises to be a very romantic month from the second half, when Venus enters Libra.

In the first half of the month, Venus is in the sign of Virgo. With Venus in Virgo, you begin to control your emotions more and become less sensitive. This behavior may be perceived by some as modesty and shyness. This is a time when you can analyze a lot and pay attention to details in personal relationships. You strive for moderation in everything. You do not want feelings to get out of hand.

Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More |

Love at first sight and passion becomes alien and strange. With this state of affairs, it is important not to strangle your love. Feelings cannot be calculated, they obey slightly different laws. In general, throughout this month you are often invited, many new meetings, but one of them will stand out.

If such a person appears on your horizon, you simply must leave your comfort zone and not miss your chance. A serious love relationship started this month can lead to marriage.

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You are among the best students in your class. Help those who are lagging behind in achieving the best grades and you will certainly be counted. By helping people around you move up the career ladder, you will help yourself. However, not everyone may like your altruism, so as you help someone, expect disagreement with others. From a financial point of view, you will also have to be creative and find additional sources of income.

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This month, money will be earned solely through hard work. Health remains fragile and needs to be monitored until the 22nd. September is the most vulnerable period of the year, so it is very important to take care of your health. You need to stick to a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, relax properly and keep fit to restore your energy. After the 22nd, the situation will become much better.

2020 Astrology Calendar: Retrogrades, Full Moons, and More

This is a hectic, active month, and you need to be very creative in order to find a way to maintain high energy levels. In love you can be very lucky, be prepared to meet your love and live the desires of your heart. Good luck will be with you all month. Favourable days for athletes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13; Good days in business: 8, 9, 28, 29; Activity, ambitiousness in work: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20; Good luck and optimism: 7, 8, 9, 28, 29; Clarity of thinking days of insights : 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 24, 26; Rich imagination: 7; Favourable days for creativity: 7, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15; Emotional sensitivity: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 25, 30; Good luck in love: 3, 4, 6, 7, 25, 30; Desire for solitude: 2, 7, 8, 9, from 14 to 29; Chance of accidents: 9, 13, 14, 18, 19, This means that behaviors such as self-assertion and stubbornness will not work well.

Just let the good things happen without forcing any situation. Cultivate the good deeds of others, for these people are instruments for your good. From the 4th to the 13th, be more patient with your parents, father or mother figures and bosses. These people will be undergoing personal change, and are likely to show more temperamental behavior. Take care that they avoid risky situations and stay away from danger during this time. All this caution is due to the lunar eclipse of the 16th, which will act almost as a repetition of the solar eclipse of the 6th of February — this is because the event will take place in the same sign and house, and will involve virtually the same number of planets.

Whatever changes did not happen in the last eclipse will happen now. The lunar eclipse will occur in its 12th House of Spirituality, impacting Neptune, its ruling planet. During events like this, people often make important changes in their spiritual regimes and practices. You may change guru or place of worship, for example. As predicted in the previous month, another friction is likely to hit a charity center or spiritual organization that you are involved with. And this event will be able to bring about a change in your relationship with this place.

You will find yourself needing to change your own concept, the way you see yourself and the way you want to be seen. Dramatic changes will also be felt in creative projects that you are part of. In love, a relationship will be tested. Uncles or aunts will be in trouble. Under the tropical zodiac , the sun transits this area between February 19 and March In Sidereal astrology , the Sun currently transits the constellation of Pisces from approximately March In modern astrology , Jupiter is the primary native ruler of the ninth house, but traditionally, Jupiter was assigned to both the second and ninth houses: the house of values and the house of beliefs, respectively, and had its joy in the eleventh house of good luck.

Gemini August 27th, Your social skills are so well developed that they sometimes get in the way of your spontaneous expression. Although respecting the needs of others is admirable, you cannot continue down the road of people pleasing forever. Question what you feel today. Astrology consists of a number of belief systems that hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events or descriptions of personality in the human world.

Astrology has been rejected by the scientific community as having no explanatory power for describing the universe. Scientific testing has found no evidence to support the premises or purported effects outlined in Nicholas Campion born 4 March , is a British astrologer and historian of astrology and cultural astronomy. Very cool.

Always interesting and informative. Calf, ankle, shin, Achilles. Feb 9, at Heart, aorta, blood pressure, blood circulation. Feb 23, at Feet, toes, pineal gland. Mar 9, at Full Moon S. Pancreas, small intestine, digestive tract.

Mar 24, at Head, teeth, tongue, arteries. Apr 8, at Kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, veins, skin. Apr 23, at Neck, vocal cords, throat, thyroid gland. May 7, at Genitals, anus, urethra, prostate.

May 22, at Shoulders, arms, hands, bronchial tubes, lungs. With a Saturn-Neptune aspect that influences most of and begins this month, this can be a good period for balancing your life in crucial ways, particularly as you are less inclined to allow relationships to consume most of your attention and you spend more of your energy on worthwhile pursuits. Relationship goals may very well inspire you to round out your life with rewarding hobbies or other satisfying activities.

It's a strong time for bringing a little more structure to your life, especially in your creative world or in your romantic life. Taking your "play" time more seriously can be especially beneficial now. Mars has just moved into your intimacy sector, and this transit can serve to ignite your passions for a particular pursuit. You're taking a matter more seriously, and you're excited to pour your energies into something you love.

New Moon in Pisces SOLAR ECLIPSE March 9th 2016 Kirilly Cosmic Space Priestess

In fact, without something substantial and absorbing, you may feel a little restless. Working behind the scenes can be useful and attractive now. You can feel especially confident about taking care of lingering problems and putting them behind you. Venus heads into your home and family sector on the 7th, finding good company in Jupiter, already a guest there. January promises to be a particularly strong month for your emotional life, inner world, and domestic pursuits.

You're seeking more warmth, beauty, enjoyment, balance, and peace in your personal life and on the home front now. In fact, you're actively creating this atmosphere, and it feels good to do so. The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st reminds you of the importance of rest, replenishment, and reflection. Your body may be giving you a strong message to rest. Allowing yourself some time for stillness, rest, and rejuvenation can do wonders for you now.

This can also be a time of an important idea, hunch, or intuitive flash that sets you on a new, more fulfilling path. Your true feelings about a matter can emerge now, and they're unmistakable! You do enter a rather busy cycle around the same time of this eclipse, and of course, this requires some juggling and balancing, but you'll find it easier than usual to arrive at that sweet spot with current cosmic support.

In fact, the Solar Eclipse on the 5th is about new beginnings and happenings along these lines. Even so, the month holds much promise of social activity and focus on personal interests, making connections, intellectual stimulation, and relationships. For one, Mars begins its transit of your partnership sector, animating your relationships or stirring up strong feelings for someone in particular. Venus moves into your communications sector on the 7th, and as your planetary ruler, suggests where your heart is.

Sharing your ideas and making connections can be in pleasant focus. Jupiter is a relatively new guest in this area of your chart, and as Venus, Mars, and Jupiter connect in lovely ways in January, you're likely to enjoy some lively, stimulating, and creative connections, not only with people or more likely, a special someone but with projects, ideas, and pursuits you find wonderfully fulfilling.

Relationships improve, build, and elevate in January.