Scorpio weekly astrology forecast february 7 2020 michele knight

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From Kensington to Kansas, Jupiter offers you the key to a new doorway. Or a bigger, better way to live that suits you. Words have wings and are your winning formula now Jupiter arrives in your 3 rd this month. So, if you were 18 or over then, think back to what opportunities appeared. Not just around writing, speaking, publishing, study and the internet.

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But also travel and business too. How many ways can you think of to get your message out there? Time to try as many as you can. You have something to say now so explore all possibilities when it comes to saying it. Some of you may even opt to learn a foreign language with Jupiter in here. Whether this is a personal one or one around the idea, product or company you represent. Put simply, you can sell sand to the Saudis now. For more on what Jupiter in this house is set to deliver, read your personal Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for Scorpio. Although the Sun remains in your money and financial zone until the 22 nd , you are already entering the Super Capricorn 3 rd House cycle that will define for you.

Peak activity in here will occur on the 26 th — the day of the eclipse, with the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto all in residence. And again from the 29 th when Mercury arrives in what is its ruling house in your chart. Mercury begins the month in your 1 st and finally ends its retroshadow phase on the 7 th. It will enter you 2 nd of money, personal worth and assets on the 9 th.

Leo weekly astrology forecast november 9 michele knight

As well as communication and how we get around, Mercury rules contracts and the important papers we sign. Ceres in here also conjoins with the Node on the 8 th. Ceres rules compromises and also new deals. With Jupiter angling to Chiron in your work sector on the 6 th , deals around work could be done which result in financial improvements for you. News could arrive which kick-starts for you mid-month as Venus meets Saturn on the 11 th and your ruler Pluto on the 13 th.

In between these Venus transits we have a powerful full Moon in your 8 th on the 12 th. Balance your emotional needs by making long term decisions now. What you share with others, what is shared by you, big financial agreements and terms and conditions — even around relationships can be discussed.

book a reading with your favourite psychic

Know your worth. Love out of the blue or unexpected shifts in your relationship status such as going from single to coupled up or meeting that exciting love prospect when or where you least expected to, could occur shortly afterwards. The 15 th sees Jupiter trine Uranus in your 7 th , while the 13 th sees ancient ruler Mars make a passionate outreach to Neptune in your romance zone.

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Mid-month sparkles with holiday romantic spirit. Venus moves into your 4 th on the 20 th promising warm family gatherings and cosy nights entertaining at home. One warning with Venus in here over the holiday season — guests may enjoy being in your home so much they may be reluctant to leave! Walking your talk, saying what you mean to say with truth and authenticity and also listening closely to what others say, will be taking you on into as the Sun enters your 3 rd on Solstice Day 22 nd. Mercury which rules this house follows on the 29 th. Your theme for January is speaking or reaching for your higher truth.

See yourself as beacon of truth in a world where fake news dominates. Above all now, do not promise more than you can deliver and let your word be your bond. Also, while you can rely on the truth of your own words, this may not be the case with what you are told, read or hear from others. You are advised to pay close attention to sub-text, ask questions, read the fine print, wait for more information and also see if the actions match the words. The new Moon in your 3 rd can be a launch pad for that new job or job search, website, blog, business plan, course or sending out that manuscript or screenplay.

However, the one on the 26 th triggers an Annular Solar Eclipse. So, you only have a flash of the big picture as of course, eclipses conceal. This one also falls within one degree of Jupiter in here. And the Sun and Jupiter meet the next day. Or someone is withholding the information you need. It may be you yourself have missed something when it comes to a project you want to launch or send out there. So please, go back over things carefully before you do. News you receive around the 30 th may have a familiar feel to it as the Sun meets the South Node.

The question is how you react or what you do about it this time around. Others may dance with an opportunity that takes you back to what was set in motion in the past. The years end also sees Mercury trine Uranus. When it comes to you and another — everything. Dare to strike up a truthful conversation now. Words open doors to partnerships both present and potential when you speak your truth. In a nutshell.

Aries weekly astrology forecast january 27 2020 michele knight

Play with the power of ideas. Words have wings and your ideas can take your further than you imagined now. The same goes for love when you speak your inner truth, Scorpio. Your self-image should have received a massive boost this past year thanks to ruler Jupiter in your 1 st. Now the fat planet of opportunity heads off into your money zone on the 2 nd.

And for you this means a big focus on your money, assets and self-worth. Jupiter in your 2 nd says Big and Rich. Handling larger sums of money than usual as your actual worth increases is one aspect of this.

Virgo weekly astrology forecast december 23 12222 michele knight

At some point during the next 12 months, Jupiter should hand you the opportunity to earn more. Especially as you begin this cycle with Venus in here which rules this house. Curb that urge the splurge if you can now and plan for your financial future. For more on this read your Jupiter in Capricorn forecast for Sagittarius.

Think back 12 years to when Jupiter was last in this sector of your chart. What money making opportunities were you handed? More importantly, what were your thoughts and beliefs around deservedness? Your beliefs around money? December and January could see these transform and pivot.

Scorpio Weekly Astrology Forecast 5th February 2018

Also, look back 19 years if you were 18 or over that time. To the year or even further back to What was happening with money and net and self-worth back then? What has been the family financial DNA you have inherited? That money is the root of all evil? Hard to come by?

If the message around what you can attract and earn needs to change, you are in a unique position to do that as the year draws to a close. Your Super Second House Weather asks you to step off the financial merry-go-round once and for all if money issues have been a theme over this timeline. Financial decisions or indecisions you made 12, 19 years or even longer repeat or come full circle now as Venus and then Ceres conjunct the South Node in your 2 nd on the 3 rd and the 8 th.

The south Node rules karma and what keeps on circulating until we learn or change it. Venus in its ruling house and Ceres together offer a new way forward. A fresh deal on the table between you and the material world. How you see or value yourself is reflected by what you attract. You may be amazed at what simply changing a thought around this can have. Beaming in on the vibe could be something you never thought you could attract, have, experience or come about as Jupiter aligns to Chiron in your 5 th. Saturn always favours long term plans, structure and discipline. People may say Saturn in your 2 nd makes making money harder than usual.

This is only partially true. There are many many millionaires and even billionaires who were born with natal Saturn in their 2 nd house. If we do this, the planet of karma turns into the most generous planet in our charts. Yes, even more than your ruler! Step free of that financial history if you need to as Venus meets Saturn in here on the 11 th and then Pluto on the 13 th.

You may experience a transformation around your earning ability or simply your attitude to your money. Again, think long term in any decisions you make — now and on into January Others could be rewarded for past efforts now. How your self-worth impacts all this will become clear via how the world and others are treating you now. So, think of this as someone standing opposite you and holding up a mirror.