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For those having a pre-dominantly negative Saturn in their charts, the ill effects are prominent.

A life of hardship, disappointments, conflict, distrust and dejection is in the offering. This is why, this particular planet is so feared. However, the native undergoing these hardships will not become negative, instead these will have a cleansing effect on their life, awakening their spirituality and a detoxification of the sins of their life resulting in karma burning.

It is believed that the ill effects of Shani remain in the life of the native when Shani is ascending, is in the particular zodiac and the time it takes to move to the next zodiac. This is nearly 3 times 2. Hence, a total period of 7. When placed in the 6 th house, it brings happiness and contentment by winning over the enemies.

However, in the 11 th house, its effect is a little different and it brings money, fame and success in business ventures.

108 Names of Shani

Saturn is considered to be old and hence its transit through the 1 st house may make the native feel tired and old. When placed in the 5 th house, it represents loss of property. In the 10 th house, Shani represents defamation and loss of face. Since Shani or Saturn is associated with hard work and discipline, the natives work in industries involving heavy physical work like farming, labour, road construction, civil engineering and ship building.

Which Phase Of Sade Sati Is Worse

Also, the natives under the influence of Shani have a heightened sense of justice as well as an analytical mind, making them perfect to work as lawyers, judges, Human resource professionals, IT professionals, analysts and researchers. Also, due to their inclination towards spirituality, the natives can become healers, spiritual gurus, astrologers and psychics.

What is Shani Sade Saati? - Saturn's Influence in Indian Astrology - Artha

Shani is also known as Aayushkarak, i. However, those with a negative effect of Shani, suffer a lot due to the same. They are typically afflicted by diseases of the bones like arthritis, joint pains, paralysis and fractures. A heightened negative effect may also lead to shortening of life for the native. Since it is one of the most feared planets in Vedic astrology, there are many remedies prescribed to counter the ill effects of Shani, especially during the Saadhe Saati and Dhaiya periods.

Sade Sati Calculator

Some of the common remedies are. Shani or Saturn is a friend with Venus or Shukra and hence both together bring the native fame, success, happiness, monetary benefits, material comforts and contentment in life. It is also friendly with Budh. Shani is not in a friendly position with his father Surya and hence, the placement of both these has a strong influence on the effects of the other. They may negate the positive effect each individually brings to the native in both professional as well as personal relationships, making it a difficult time for them.

Shani is the lord of the Western direction and hence brings success to the native in this direction. Jothishi , Planets-Graha. If you wish to experience a truly distinct example of Hindu festivities, do not miss the opportunity to attend the Shani Jayanti celebration.

Also known…. Shani mantras play an important role in mitigating the effects of Shani dosha. Lord Shani or the God of planet Saturn has negative effects on….

Myths of Saturn | Vedic Astrology

Shani is the Sanskrit name for the heavenly planet Saturn. The Shani Dham temple is the holy shrine of the Shani God. According to Hindu…. Shani Dosha occurs when the planet Shani or Saturn is in the wrong place in one's natal chart. It can also occur if it is…. Thinking how….

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Planet Shani or Saturn is one of the most mysterious planets. Shani is also the planet of justice. According to Vedic astrology, Shani will punish…. Shani, one of the nine heavenly bodies collectively called Navagraha, is the god of justice. He represents planet Saturn and is considered to be the…. The Temple Shani Shingnapur gets its name from Shingnapur village. The simple village is located in the Nevasa Taluka in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra.

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Doshas and remedies. Festivals of India. Gods and Goddesses. Hindu calendar months. The period ends with the exit of Shani from the zodiac sign immediately following the zodiac of moon. Shani takes two and a half years to transit each zodiac and therefore takes a total of seven and a half years to exit the third zodiac. The result page also displays Ardha Sade-sati also called Dhaiya, Panoti , rising, peak and setting of Shani in different houses, ashtama shani etc There is still difference of opinion among astrologers about the effect of Sade sati on the native.

Shani (Saturn)

Some claim that Shani's transit through the above mentioned signs is inauspicious and is accompanied by trouble and challenges. Others consider Sade Sati as a period just like any other and nothing to be worried about. Get Full Horoscope Rs. Is this year lucky for you? Yearly Guide will tell everything for you Rs. Planning to invest? Then take advice from personalized wealth and prosperity report Rs. Get your own Numerology report Rs.